Get Right With Yourself!

What do you see when you give yourself time to explore? Is it the way that your nose does lay?
Is it the way your eyes go in together, or the way your ears protrude ever so slightly through your hair?

What do you feel, when you give yourself time for reflection? Is it sadness that you hold near inside? Is it regret for all the things you did not do or say? Or is it a sense of well-being for achieving some status in life?

What is it you taste when you awaken each morning? Is it the smell of wealth and what money can buy you? Is it the odour of love permeating from all around you? What is it you require most to make life so very worthwhile living?

I tell you my friend; it is none of these things! It is not your looks, your status, your wealth or even your health! All of this can be taken away in any moment and if they were, how would you feel then?

Look into yourself and see all that you need is right there with you, NOW and forever. It can never be taken away!

So, get right with yourself first, your own inner world. It is the only aspect of you that will never leave or waste away! That is Life…that is Truth…that is all you require. The rest will come and go!

Creating Our New World

What will you do differently knowing that you do in fact have a second chance of creating the world you live in? What will you do that you did not do before.
How would your relationships be; not just with your loved ones but with colleagues and the public at large?

What would you change?

We are at a point in history where we can do this very thing. No longer do we have to dream of creating a new world but can actively assist in its creation; this time from a place of love and reverence for all. We get to choose to run our societies as responsible beings who care for our fellow man and the planet we inhabit.

We do this as the ‘Collective’; a unity consciousness where ME has been replaced with the ONE, working and living in service to each other.
All thoughts of “what is in it for me” replaced with, for the good of ALL.

Let’s get creative….

Jacqueline Cullen


You know. When mostly giving healing to ourselves or to others we always heal the chakras starting with the red chakra; It being the denser energy vibrating slower and attracting much more drama and crisis to ourselves!
We assume that this is where the chakras start…
We don’t stop at the crown chakra when we heal as we are aware that there are higher ones to assist us to ever more enlightenment!

There are at the same time denser energies than that of the root chakra and it is now time for us to heal at this level also. I have been focusing the energies of violet, lilac and purple below the feet to encompass all denser energy chakras and as I have done so, felt a lightness as if letting go of old structures and past lives.

Letting go of old energies that have been around for who knows long will surely assist us in further creating the energy for our new era.

Jacqueline Cullen
Ascension Master.

Shifting Update November 2014

It seems a long time since I last posted an update. I guess the energies must have been fairly static enabling us to get through the summer without effort or drama on our part!

Well the respite is over and these past couple of weeks play testament to that as a sense of endings, stuckness and uncertainty rear their ugly heads once more.

The energies that are with us now feel as though we have gone backwards in life; as though once again we are creating situations that no longer benefit us.
In fact what is happening is that we are letting go of these old patterns; it just feels as though we are not!

As I have previously written, for us to let go of something we have to first be aware of it.

Take the time now not to struggle with whatever it is you feel the issue is (or is not) and go about your daily business without paying any real attention to it.
You are not being ignorant in doing so but what you are doing is not giving it any further energy to keep it alive. It will soon work its way out through the mind and body making space for the new!

Incidentally, these last two years I have been aware of a sense of newness; like spring but at this time of November. I guess the energies do their own thing regardless of calendars!

Time to heal ourselves and the world we live in!

Over many many years we have become prisoners of the energies that are ‘domination’ and ‘control’!

These energies have kept us living as prisoners both internally and externally. As they continue to hold us in their space we carry living a life with feelings of suppression and powerlessness; unable to truly bring light into our lives. And unable to free our planet of such dense energy. Perpetuating the situation and fuelling it ever more.

It is now time to transcend these energies and reclaim the Light of the Divine. The Light of freedom; of joy; of love and of Oneness.

Join me in sitting a while with eyes closed,filling your entire physical and world body (Earth) with the transforming colour of blue.
Let it flow throughout; breaking down all barriers and restrictive energies. Feel the walls of these restrictions being melted away in the warmth of the blue energy.
Feel the density of these energies become ever lighter until there is nothing left♥



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